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SUGARLESS® Sweetener is the perfect sugar substitute for those wanting to lose weight or live a sugar-free life *in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise. They taste and sweeten like sugar, minus the calories!  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

- What are Artificial Sweeteners?

Artificial Sweeteners are low calorie or no-calorie sweeteners with the purpose of being sugar substitutes. They can be used in hot and cold beverages, sprinkled over ready-made food and drinks, used in baking or anywhere where sugar can be substituted. With 17+ calories in 1 level teaspoon of sugar, compared to less than 0.1 calories per serve of our Sugarless Sweetener, through smart use of consuming no-calorie sweeteners, can reduce consumption of added sugar and calorie intake to manage a *healthy weight, and combat obesity and diabetes. 

Included in Sugarless Sweetener, is Lactose and Aspartame. Listed below is its purpose and how it can be beneficial to you. None of our products contain fructose. 

Lactose is a made up of two sugars, Glucose and Galactose, and is nature's natural low- calorie sweetener. These two sugars are non-toxic sugars to assist human bodily functions. For further information, please visit,

Aspartame sweetens like sugar, can aid weight loss and management*, can help manage those with diabetes, as well as acting as a flavour enhancer. For further information, please visit,

- What are the benefits of Artificial Sweeteners? 

1. Assist in weight loss, and management 

Sugarless Sweetener's are low-calorie and contains zero carbohydrates, making *losing weight by cutting out additional, unwanted sugars achievable. 

2. Aids diabetics

Given our sweeteners contain zero carbohydrates, they are unlikely to raise blood sugar levels upon consumption. 

3. Many different options available to consistently use for everyday purposes

Our Sugarless Sweetener range comes in many different forms, including liquid, sachet, tablet and soon to be canister form. Scroll down, and click the blue 'shop' button to shop our range now. 

4. Enhances the taste of foods

Our Sugarless Sweetener range has a sweet, sugar-like taste that contains no Saccharin and no bitter after taste. When added to your favourite foods, can help satisfy those sugar cravings, in a healthier way. 

5. Be used in a number of different ways

Our Sugarless Sweetener range can be used for baking or added to food and drinks. Scroll down, and click the blue 'recipe' button for further recipes using our sweetener.