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Bathox Australia


Addition to Sugarless Organic Stevia Range

We are very excited to introduce you to our brand new line of 100% Sugar-Free, Organic Milk Additive Drinks for Kids! Our delicious Kids Drink Mix is a tasty, healthy treat that parents will be happy to give their kids no matter what time it is. This delicious, healthy milk additive comes in two delicious flavours including, Strawberry and Chocolate. 

What is it?

Like our Organic Stevia, this product is ACO Approved (Australian Organic Certified), making it an 100% Organic product, as well as 100% Sugar Free. It is Gluten Free, Nut free, Wheat free, Egg free, Yeast free, GMO free and is also a Vegan product. It contains No Aspartame, No Saccharin, No Artificial Colours or Flavours and No Pesticides or Animal derivatives. It is a sugar free flavoured Organic Stevia drink. 

Simply add 2 teaspoons to 250ml of milk (any type of milk) and stir! Or mix it up by sprinkling it over your breakfast cereal, or even add it to your favourite dessert! You can even make delicious sugar-free treats from it!

How did this come about?

We had an influx of messages asking what was next from our brand, and wanted to come up with a new product innovation that resonates with our goal of striving for a sugar free world. As habits are formed at a young age, we made a Sugar-Free Drink for kids so that they can see that enjoying a healthy lifestyle doesn't necessarily mean cutting out all the delicious things we all love!


"My son absolutely love this drink mix! Every morning he actually looks forward to breakfast and always asks for it! Thank you Sugarless Organic Stevia!" - Sandra, Queensland

"Every afternoon my kids get home from school and are so hungry! They absolutely love a milkshake at the end of a hot day, but having that everyday isn't healthy, plus I didn't want to give them anything that would stop them from eating their dinner. As soon as I started giving this to my kids, I instantly felt a sense of relief. They recon it tastes exactly like a milkshake, without the dreaded nasties! A big thumbs up for me!" - Jennifer, Adelaide

"I have been buying Sugarless Organic Stevia Granules Canister for years, so when this came out, I was quick to try it. Healthy, delicious and sweet. Yum!" - Kay, Queensland