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- What is Stevia? 

Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute that is derived from the Stevia plant. It is apart of the Asteraceae family, also related to the daisy and ragweed. Stevia sweetener can be used in cooking, or in ready made food or drinks. Stevia contains zero calories and is almost 300 times sweeter than regular sweetener. 

- What are the Health Benefits of Stevia?

Weight loss and management, regulates blood pressure, controls diabetes, prevents some types of cancers, lowers cholesterol levels, maintains healthy oral health and skin care, and prevents osteoporosis. Please reference our 'Health Benefits' page for further details. 


- How is it made? 

We make extractions from the stevia plant, dry it out, purify it then blend it with a sugar naturally found in corn known as, Organically Certified Erythritol. Erythritol is a naturally derived sugar substitute and is classified as a sugar alcohol called, Polyols, which is usually found in natural fruits and foods such as, grapes, melons and mushrooms. 

Stevia has eight glycosides that make up the sweet components of the product, including stevioside, rebaudiosides A, C, D, E and F, steviolbioside and dulcoside A. 

Organic natural sweetness. Step by Step.


- Why is the amount of Stevia in your products so small? 

Our products have been formulated to be used just like sugar in your hot/ cold drinks, and baking. As stevia is around 300 times sweeter than sugar, only a small amount is required to give the same sweetness as sugar. We have blended organic erythritol as the carrier, or base for the stevia. The product is called Organic "Stevia", as the stevia is the active sweetener in the product.