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Vanilla & Caramel Candle Vanilla & Caramel Candle

Sometimes you just want to be hugged inside the sweet smell of Vanilla Bean and Carmel.

Triple Scented. Double Wicks. Make your house all yummy and cosy inside for 50 hours.

$20.00 View
Desert Lime & Coconut Candle Desert Lime & Coconut Candle

A tropical escape. Desert Lime and Coconut gives you 50 hours of pure bliss.

Triple Scented. Double Wicks. And sweet smell to send you to your own paradise.

$20.00 View
Native Pear & Verbena Candle Native Pear & Verbena Candle

For a fresh, floral and ever so lush smell of pear and verbena, try this.

Triple Scented. Double Wicks. It’s like a garden of eden in your lounge for 50 hours.

$20.00 View
Kakadu Plum & Cassis Candle Kakadu Plum & Cassis Candle

Spicy, exotic and straight from the Aussie Kakadu plum tree.

Triple Scented. Double Wicks. Your home will be dreamy and different for 50 hours.

$20.00 View

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